Monday, June 30, 2008

You call this "Swiftboating"?

What's so terrible about somebody saying that military service, however heroic, doesn't automatically qualify you to be President? I can only guess that Andrew Sullivan does not remember the things said about John Kerry if he is going to call this, entirely legitimate, critique "swiftboating". Nobody, who is not a fringe loony, is denigrating John McCain's service... Republican's, on the other hand, wore Purple Heart band aids at their national convention. They weren't saying that John Kerry's service was not relevant, they were saying he didn't actually serve honorably and were calling him a liar.

Anyway, I hope Clark doesn't back away from this line of attack, even if he ends up for apologizing for wording or whatever... he'll just have to start every sentence with "John McCain is an American Hero, but..." to keep the man crush media's heads from exploding.

UPDATE: I'll agree with TPM's headline and leave it at LAME.

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