Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Viva La Furia Roja!

One of the side effects of working in a lab with French and Brazillian post-docs is that I hear a lot more about fĂștbol than your average American probably does... so I actually am aware that the NBA finals aren't the only championship that gets decided this month... and since the Euro Cup gets handed out every 4 years and involves 16 different countries, it's clearly a much bigger deal... not that you'd know it from American news coverage.

I enjoy watching soccer, but pretty much only pay attention during the World Cup, where for a couple of months I become a raging fanatic... however, because of the aforementioned post docs, I've been forced to pick a team to root for by unanimous lab opinion... France, Portugal, and Turkey were already taken so I went with Spain since it looked like they had the easiest group. Of course, I didn't know that Greece won in 2004 when I came to that conclusion... whoops!

I still feel pretty good about my choice though... up 2-0 in the second half over Russia. It will it least give me a reason to pay attention, though since most of the games seem to be in the middle of the day I probably won't get to watch many.

photo by flickr user jlvelazquez used under a Creative Commons license

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