Thursday, June 5, 2008

One trick pony

via Andrew Sullivan
GALLAGHER: Yeah, that’s, we hear that everyday. Congressman, every day someone will say to me, and I’ve said it, it’s as if this were a guy who’s desperately trying to cover up what seems to be the kind of old school Marxist, radical liberal failed ideology.

DELAY: Absolutely.

GALLAGHER: That’s what he is.

DELAY: No doubt about it.

Not even paying attention to the substance of the charge, which is obviously comically false... is anyone still scared of Commies? I thought we had moved on to "Islamofascism" as the new way to try and smear people as anti-American.

Calling people dirty commies worked 50 years ago or whatever, but all it does now it highlight how out of touch you are. The Berlin wall fell 20 years ago, and yet you still think that Marxists are trying to take over the country? Yeah, keep up that line of attack please, since we are getting to the point where anybody under 30 might not remember the actual Communists... it's like saying that he "probably supports the policies of Cobra".

Way to enter the 21st century!

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