Friday, June 6, 2008


I dreamed last night that I bought the new 4th Edition D&D rule books... even picked up an adventure... and guess what? They're actually being released at midnight tonight... ohhhh spooky. I was aware they were coming out this month though, so probably it's not really that mysterious.

I haven't played a pen and paper RPG since high school, entirely getting my RPG fix from computer games. I do still have a really big soft spot for D&D though, and the new version sounds really interesting. A big departure apparently. I don't have anyone who would be interested in playing it though, so I'd probably just end up buying the rule books and making character builds... which is pretty much all we ever did in high school too. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for a D&D night starting up at Pandemonium Books. I've been meaning to go to their boardgaming night for a year now, so maybe I could gauge interest there. Dunno.

For anyone interested in hearing how the game plays, you can check out a podcast of the PvP and Penny Arcade guys getting taken through an adventure here. You might need to sign up for a new account though, and if so you can do that here.

EDIT: Apparently Pandemonium sold the game at 1 am last night while I was dreaming about buying it... so I might have been, like, astrally projecting or something... I best make sure I don't have any rule books stashed in my apartment somewhere.

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