Monday, June 9, 2008

The New Democratic Majority

I didn't watch Hillary Clinton's concession speech live, but I did watch it, and thought it did exactly what she and the Democratic Party needed. If you were out enjoying your weekend when it happened, and yet still want to watch it(?), here it is:

You can find reactions all over the web, as it was THE political story of the weekend... but here is Michael Crowley of TNR, Andrew Sullivan, and Kevin Drum... all of whom lay it out better than I could.

I empathize with the frustrations and feelings of ill will towards the presumptive nominee that many Hillary Clinton supporters understandably have... but as you consider where to cast your ballot this November, it's important to remember what is at stake. It's not about our preferred candidate, but what four more years of Bush policies would mean.

Eyes on the prize, ladies and gentlemen. Eyes on the prize.

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