Sunday, June 22, 2008

La Furia Roja vs. Italia

I just got back from taking my mom to the airport and flipped on the game... 0-0 in the 93nd minute... hey and I didn't even miss anything! ;) Some fireworks in front of the Italian goal, but no joy for Spain. Looks like we're in extra time I guess.

Update: Wow nice header... but fingertip save. Uh-oh corner time.

Update II: Pretty pass but 3 yards offside.

Update III: On to the second extra time.

Update IV: What a stupid challenge! Sergio Ramos... goat?

Update V: Amazing pass but bad first touch. So close!

Update VI: Both teams looking sloppy and tired... less than 2 minutes to penalty kicks.

Update VII: OMFG. Arrrrgg! The only time I think I could ever wish a Spaniard to go for the extra pass. Penalty kick time.

Update VIII: SAVE!!!!!!

Update IX: Oh no... save Italy. Tied back up.

Update X: Spain takes it back with another save.

Update XI: That's it! Spain onto the Semis versus Russia!

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