Saturday, June 14, 2008

La Furia Roja update

My chosen ones are about to play Sweden, home to a certain hot Swedish princess. It's a battle of the ages to be sure, and it starts in mere minutes(12 PM EST)... we ignorant Americans can watch for free on teh intertubes. Hah, take that Europeans! Ignorance is bliss indeed.

UPDATE: GOAAAAAAALLLLLL!! Torres. Nice touch. 1-0 Spain. VIVA!

UPDATE II: Oh sh!t. Ibrahimovic. He's good. 1-1.

UPDATE III: Wow, that should have been a penalty kick. No question. 1-1 at the half though.

UPDATE IV: GOAAAAAAAALLLL! A pretty thing by Villa. 2-1 Spain!

UPDATE V: The winning goal in stoppage time... nice. My adopted team frustrates me with their unwillingness to shoot, but they are most certainly through to the next round.

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