Monday, June 9, 2008


In sending a work related e-mail, Outlook suggested a swap of homodynamic for hemodynamic... which I had no idea was even a word and conjures up all sorts of amusing images to my immature mind(a mill powered by FABULOUS?)... but it also had this definition.

a.1. Homodynamous.


Which, if you follow the winding road down to the bottom leads to:
Any of the homologous segments, lying in a longitudinal series, that compose the body of certain animals, such as earthworms and lobsters. Also called somite.
WTF. People who study earthworms get their jargon in Outlook, but I use the proper term for the regulation of blood pressure and I might as well be speaking French? Jeez. Is there some sort of all powerful metameres lobby I don't know about?

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