Saturday, May 31, 2008

South Park vs. YouTube

For people who don't spend much time on Digg or Boing Boing or whatever it is the kids use to determine what is open scare quote cool close square quote, then the following South Park clip, interspersed with actual You Tube videos, may be of some use in getting up to speed on what is so last year.

The only one I didn't recognize was Dramatic Gopher which shames me. I'm not really sure how I missed him, but I can only thank the
Heavens that I've found him several years after everybody else is tired of him. I was also unaware that Tron Guy seems to have made himself sort of a career out of not being embarrassed to be Tron Guy... which is good, I guess? I have never been on Jimmy Kimmel, so he's certainly got me there.

My fave internet sensation remains unchanged though... Asian Backstreet Boys is still teh winnArs. I'm not sure what it is... the earnestness? The matching Yao Ming jersey's? The dude just going about his business in the background while they SOFT ROCK OUT? It's really just a video so full of win that it's hard to pick a favorite part.

URGENT UPDATE: In watching the South Park clip again I realized that I was also unfamiliar with Numa Numa, which doesn't shame me... though it does touch on the same theme of "emphatically singing along to a song in a language you don't understand" that I think is comedy gold. It suffers, I think, from a lack of a roommate trying to pretend the singer doesn't exist.

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