Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In other election news...

Democrats pick up a House seat in one of the Reddest of Red Congressional districts. Not only did Travis Childers(D), man of the terrible cartoon villain mustache, win this very Republican district... he did it by a relatively hefty 8 points. The win makes the Dems 3 for 3 in special/runoff elections this cycle. (The two others being Don Cazayoux in Louisiana and Bill Foster in Illinois)

Is a major realignment of something like 1932 proportions in the cards? I don't know, but the Republicans are down to 199 seats in the House from 232 in 2004, which has gotta be a bit demoralizing. There are 23 Republican seats compared to 12 Democrat seats in the Senate being contested this fall, and while everyone expects Dem gains, this result may indicate that what had been considered "safe" seats may no longer be. (See Elizabeth Dole)

Good news for all Democrats. (And yes I'm purposely pretending last night's primary didn't happen because I don't want to think about the 1 in 4 Clinton voters who happily admitted to not voting for the black guy)

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