Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm officially old.

The New Kids on the Block are having a reunion tour?!

This isn't the first group from my youth to get back together decades later and try to make a quick buck with a new album and a big stadium tour... The Pixies and The Cure come instantly to mind... but this one is both extremely hilarious and deeply upsetting. Hilarious for the obvious reasons pictured above, and upsetting because they were a central pillar to my Middle School experience... the boy band that every girl loved and every boy loved to hate, just when they were starting to *really* like girls... at, of course, the time when we were at our most unattractive and awkward thanks to puberty. So making fun on New Kids on the Block was part of the weird pubescent attempts at flirting that mixed playground antics and more confused adult desires.

So anyway, it's a little surreal to see this:

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