Tuesday, May 6, 2008

CompUSA - Rise from your grave!

via Gizmodo

CompUSA was, once upon a time, one of the few brick and mortar stores you could buy computer components from, and was pretty much the go-to shop for your average computer nerd... then internet retailing and Best Buy happened and CompUSA started to suck. Trying to adapt(poorly) to this new marketplace, CompUSA ended it's existence as a more expensive (with less selection!) Best Buy and, thus, nobody was sorry to see it go... but then Tiger Direct bought it, which was intriguing to say the least, as Tiger Direct is the online equivalent of what CompUSA once was. Looking at their website, their "Barebone" kits seem a nice compromise between a ordering a Dell(very expensive but easy) or buying every component individually from Tiger Direct or Newegg and building it yourself (big hassle and lots of time commitment but cheap).

At this point though, they've only reopened stores in Florida and Texas, and thus I don't know what their plans are for the old Brighton location they had.

However, since I'm looking to upgrade my computer in the next year, I might price the components of some of their "barebone" systems at Newegg and see what the difference is... if it's not much more expensive, I may go that way instead of buying everything individually.

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