Monday, May 12, 2008

Camera Dilema

So we leave for Jamaica in a little over a week, and I need to do something with my camera, which is a relatively old and beat up Kodak EasyShare CX7330. The camera itself is working fine, and I don't want or need a much fancier camera with lots of manual features that I'll never use, and really the only problem with it is that it doesn't have rechargeable batteries. So what I should do is just buy some rechargeable batteries and a new memory card for it and go on my merry way... after all, we're about to spend a lot of money on a vacation, right? And I still have to buy some things for the trip that I actually, you know, need.

However... there's always a "however"... the camera's only 3.1 megapixels. Which is probably perfectly fine for my needs, but feels really inadequate and that I'm somehow letting other geeks down or something. In addition, it's a bit on the bulky side... not tremendously so... but it certainly looks kind of gigantic next to some of the ultra-compact ones they have out now, and I think the bulkiness (as well as the lack of rechargeable batteries) is one of the reasons I don't take more pictures.

If there ever was a reason to buy a new camera, a trip to a tropical island probably qualifies, right?

I haven't decided whether I really want to spend a couple hundred dollars, but I have a least started looking at the various options on CNET. I'm powerfully drawn to the Cannon PowerShot SD1100 IS, but that's probably only because it's really new and popular and thus my own personal kryptonite... when I should probably stay focused on the 750, which seems to be a better deal presumably because you can't buy it in pink. I don't imagine I'll miss the 0.9 extra megapixels in the 1100, but I very well may miss the image stabilization... but then how can I miss something I've never had? Of course the A570 IS offers image stabilization and manual exposure controls (which I can't imagine using, but who knows?) for even cheaper, but it's not at all pretty isn't the tiny kind of camera, so that's kind of a turn off.

One issue I'm having, is that CNET seems to have a real love of Canons which has me wondering about bias... but they seem to have the most comprehensive reviews, so I'm not sure where else to look. Hmmm.

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