Thursday, April 3, 2008

Webb for V.P.

A very cogent case made by Alex Massie on why Jim Webb should be Obama's Vice Presidential pick. Basically he notes that Webb's an authentic blue collar white guy with national security cred from a state that stands a chance of flipping in the general election.... but he says it all pretty like.

I've been thinking lately that Webb makes the most sense unless Obama wants to double down on history and pick Kathleen Sebelius. I guess it depends on where you think his greatest weakness is and who can best address it, but it seems to me that, right now, it's the white blue collar worker and a lack of experience. McCain is certainly going to hammer Obama on how "naive" he is on military matters... who better to point to than Jim Webb? A former Secretary of the Navy under Reagan who also opposed the war. Plus they can see McCain's fighter pilot and raise him a Navy SEAL... that's gotta be worth something.

Though the fact that Webb is apparently a terrible campaigner is somewhat troubling.

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