Monday, April 7, 2008


I didn't have any time for blogging this weekend since we had house guests, but what I did have time for was a trip to the new UK based noodle bar that recently(well, in the last year anyway) opened in Harvard Square called Wagamama. Strangely, the only two US locations are currently in Boston... Faneuil Hall and Harvard Square, though the menu(I think it was the menu) said one is opening in DC in the near future.

It's got a sleek modern style decor that is pretty snazzy, and instead of tables it has long benches with many seats... so no private tables, but it certainly didn't feel like we were eating in other people's laps or anything. The kitchen was open and the waitpersons walk around with little UPS style mini computers, writing the numbers associated with your order directly onto the paper place mats in front of you. They don't do appetizers, but they do "side dishes", meaning only that they bring you your food when it's ready and don't stick it under a heat lamp so that things come out in courses. The menu, as is the case with most Asian cuisine, has lots of vegan/vegetarian options (which means Anna and I will probably be coming back a lot).

I ordered the Chili Beef Ramen and a side of edamame with chili garlic salt (I like chili as you can see). It was all quite good, and is without a doubt, the best noodles in Cambridge... but then, most of the time I'm in a place that serves noodles I'm ordering sushi, so I'm perhaps not the best judge. Regardless, anyone in the Boston area (or soon DC) owes it to themselves to give it a shot. Highly recommended.

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