Monday, April 14, 2008

Set your TiVOs

Michelle Obama is apparently going to appear on The Colbert Report Tuesday April 15th... so set check your local listings and what-have-you. For those bereft of cable, like myself, we'll have to wait until Wednesday morning to watch via intertubes. As big fan of Michelle Obama and a somewhat less big fan of Stephen Colbert, I look forward to it. I guess this is all part of his live-from-Philly coverage thing.

Another programming note that I had forgotten about, is that there is another Democratic Debate scheduled for Wednesday April 16th on ABC... if you haven't had enough of "Bittergate" by then, I'm sure you can get your fill during the debate. I had grown tremendously tired of the debates when it seemed like there was one a week, but I'm looking forward to this one. The main reason is that I think it's good news for Obama, as it gives him a very public opportunity to turn the gaffe around. In addition to media spawned controversies, there has been a fair amount that's happened in the last month or so that could be addressed... news from the housing crisis and the Petraeus /Crocker hearings to name two. We shall see whether it is more substance than platitudes this time (doubtful I suppose). I've only watched the debates on CNN and NBC, so I can't promise that ABC will stream it live... but I imagine it will be available somewhere for the televisionally challenged.

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