Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not so tired today

via Ben Smith at Politico, Obama talks about the debate in North Carolina:

Honestly, it would have been nice to see more of this kind of energy and humor on display in his responses last night... but whachagonnado?

I'm honestly fairly confident that this is really the way to pivot off of the inanity of last night, and perhaps even make it a net positive. Too much to hope for? Probably, but this guy has indeed brushed off everything thrown at him so far... so maybe ABC carrying water for the Republicans poses no danger. I mean, he's got some skills with the whole politics thing.

And a point was made by a right wing nutjob (I don't care to link to the Weekly Standard, but here is Sullivan's take on it)... after the blow back from enraged Dems at ABC, will a moderator dare do anything like this in the general election? I seriously doubt it. If Obama succeeds in making some lemonade from ABC's lemons here, he may be sipping that lemonade while playing catch with softballs from here until November. Just a thought(hope).

UPDATE: And it appears I rolled a 1 on my Pop Culture Saviong Throw...

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