Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Music Blogging

I've been in a real rut music-wise lately... I haven't really bought anything or gone to any shows in ages. The last "new music" I listened to was probably Hot Chip's latest. Well, I had heard about The Kills latest album (subpar review from Pitchfork, which is usually a good sign in my opinion) and Anna noticed they were playing at the Paradise at the end of the month... so I went ahead and bought tickets to the show and got the album off of Napster. Hopefully it's good... I'll slap it on my phone and see how it goes. Unfortunately for my wallet, I noticed that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs put out an EP last year that I hadn't heard... and then I remembered that Stephen Malkmus has come through town lately to good reviews and maybe I should check that out too... and then, I'm not sure how I got there - it's kind of a blur, but I was at Insound looking at 7"'s and clicking "add to cart".

That's sort of how I do things... I buy everything I should have bought in the last 6 months in one day, and then I'll wear out needles listening to the same stuff for another 6 months as the cycle repeats...

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