Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am now officially a GPS nerd

Map of Walk to Allston
I actually took my Forerunner with me on a walk with Anna over to Allston to eat at Pho Pasteur*. There's a Pho Pasteur* in Harvard Square of course, but that's not much of a walk, and despite being the same restaurant, the one in Harvard Square is quite decidedly meh.

When Anna suggested the walk I thought "Wow, that's a pretty far walk... but how far exactly!?" I now know it's about 2.9 miles... and that we average about 3.3 mph on a casual walk. What good is that data? I have no idea, but now I know it.

I am somewhat shamed to say I don't think this will be the last time the Forerunner comes along on a walk...

*It's not actually called Pho Pasteur anymore, but I've become my parents and am physically incapable of remembering names of things when they change.

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