Monday, April 28, 2008

"Grand Theft Auto IV is the gravest assault upon children in this country since polio."

So sayeth Jack Thompson. Now, Jack Thompson has been suing the GTA guys for pretty much ever, so I wasn't expecting a good reaction from him... but comparing a video game to polio was a bit of a surprise. What set him off was a short video on IGN(NSFW obviously) showing the main character getting "serviced" by hookers and then shooting and/or running them over in a sex and violence rampage... pretty much straight up Jack Thompson bait... though also something you've been able to do since like the second game(but not in HD!)... so I'm not terribly moved. I would think any responsible parent knows what they're getting into with a GTA game at this point, and has made a decision as to whether or not their kids can handle it. From what I understand there isn't anything more perverse than has been in previous versions, but it's probably going to break all sorts of sales records and thus be big story in the mainstream media for a while.

But anyway, so far the video game press is universally full of praise... and my copy has shipped from Amazon and is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, though we are going to see The Kills that evening, so I won't get much play time until Thursday... taking a "personal day" is an intriguing possibility, but probably one to be resisted. *sigh*

I'll post my thoughts when I finally get to play it.

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