Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Comedy Blogging

I bought tickets for Eddie Izzard's new Stripped Tour last night. The tickets were expensive, the seats are bad, and ticketmaster took two pints of blood in service charges... but I'm still pretty excited, since Eddie Izzard is one of my favourite comics... probably the only one I can think of that I'd spend over $120 for Anna and I to see.

Tickets have been on sale since March 16th, but there were still a couple available in Boston since he's here for three nights and those nights are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday... but it may still be worth a look if you are interested and didn't realize he was coming to town.

And for those unfamiliar with Eddie Izzard's genius(gasp!), I leave you with the Lego version of his Star Wars Canteen bit:

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