Friday, April 18, 2008

Comedic Aftermath Video Extravaganza

The Daily Show in THREE parts:

That last bit about Obama dealing with substantive issues, was pretty painful... right in the gut.

Colbert's take on it was better (and more Obama friendly):

And here is the bigger news, Hillary Clinton making a quel surprise! stop on the Colbert Report:

A fairly clever riff I must say... and I tend to find these kinds of scripted appearances by politicians to often be painful beyond words... but I only barely cringed there, so a net positive for Senator Clinton.

And now for Senator Obama:

I was sort of frightened by the fact that he was 12 feet tall. Man, he's got a big smile... but a pretty good performance, and he even got to be on message and not really self effacing like Hillary Clinton.

Alas, it appears I've turned into a shill for Comedy Central.

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