Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beer Blogging: Dogfish Head Red and White

Had one of these bottles of Red and White by Dogfish Head over the weekend, and enjoyed it enough that it seemed worth getting again to blog about... so here is a short review where I will endeavor not to sound too much like a beer snob. (Like these people)

From the Dogfish Head link:
A big, belgian-style Wit brewed with coriander and orange peel and fermented with Pinot Noir juice. After fermentation a fraction of the batch is aged in Oregon Pinot Noir barrels, and another fraction is aged on oak staves.

It's definitely got the coriander spice of a Witbier, but with significantly more of a citrus smell and flavor than a Hoegaarden or Allagash White. It kinda brought to mind what would happen if a Magic Hat #9 was taken to the next level. It also, thankfully, wasn't too sweet, as the citrus was well balanced with the alcohol content(10%). The only aspect of the Pinot Noir I could detect was a bit of tartness in the aftertaste.

I thought it was pretty refreshing and drinkable despite being on the high alcohol content side. The smells and flavors of summer were quite nice on a fine spring day after a dreary winter.

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