Monday, March 17, 2008

To a strange and distant land...

So Anna and I booked our first "real" vacation together last night... 7 days in Negril, Jamaica in late May. I think tourist season ends mid April, so we'll be well off it. Frommer's describes Negril as:
On the arid western tip of Jamaica, Negril has had a reputation for bacchanalia, hedonism, marijuana, and nude sunbathing since hippies discovered its sunny shores during the 1960s. The resort became more mainstream during the early 1990s as big-money capitalists built megaresorts, many of them managed by SuperClubs, Sandals, Couples, or the relative newcomers, the Spain-based Riu chain. But despite the creeping sense of corporate encroachment on a domain once dominated by laid-back hippies, some resorts still reserve stretches of beach for nude bathers, and illegal ganja is still (more or less discreetly) peddled.
So, uhm, yeah... we're not actually going there for nudity and ganja... the important part for us is that the naked and/or high Rastafarians eat in style known as "Ital" which is pretty much entirely vegan, so Anna will have a surprising number of dining options it seems. Though, the fact that "
ganja is considered as an holy herb that can be used in pretty much any recipe" is something for us to... uhm... keep in mind.

We were unsure as to whether to focus our vacation on the white sands of Seven Mile Beach or the cliffs of the West End, as Anna is a uber beach person but I burn to a crisp in seconds... so we decided for both: our first 3 nights across the road from the beach at Rayon Hotel and the next 4 at Xtabi in the West End.

So we're pretty excited... just got my passport in the mail the other day so we're just biding our time now. On a related note, I also bought some new running shoes yesterday to hopefully shed some pounds before my blindingly white skin is unleashed upon the beaches of Jamaica.

UPDATE: I made a little Google Map with guessed at locations of our two hotels. Despite Google's world domination, it apparently doesn't know all that much about Negril... or places in Negril just don't have addresses... probably the latter. Anyway, it might be interesting to update that map almost as a diary... especially since my phone has GPS... though would I be roaming to use it? Hmmm.

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