Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So speaking of Judas...

That would be one Richard Mellon Scaife sitting next to Hillary in the interview where she brought up Jeremiah Wright after the issue seemed to be dead and buried. This is the guy who was the mover and shaker behind pretty much all of the most noxious accusations of Clinton wrongdoing in the 90's... including that Hillary had Vince Foster killed.

Bygones eh? Strange bedfellows and whatnot.

Oh, and the Clinton Camp is apparently circulating an American Spectator article about an Obama adviser. The American Spectator would be the former Scaife publication where the most egregious accusations (i.e. Arkansas Project) were published.

I wasn't all that politically active in the 90's, and honestly thought Bill Clinton was too centrist for my taste, so this doesn't really offend me so much... I'm mainly just befuddled that she's willing to sit at the same table as this guy after what he published about her. However, some of the people who had defended her back then against all comers are more than just a little livid about it.

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