Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Love the Smell of Smoke Filled Rooms in the Morning

I don't have too much to say about the results of the primaries, though the margins were wider than I had hoped in Hillary Clinton's favor, it seems that people in the know suggest that she might actually end up further behind in pledged delegates after the results of the caucus portion of Texas's primary are known.

As far as the popular vote gambit mentioned below, by my count she won 2,816,010 votes to 2,487,028 with 98-99% of all precincts in all the states reporting... or a little over 53% of the vote. However, that doesn't seem to be enough enough when you consider likely sizable losses in upcoming states like Mississippi, Wyoming, North Carolina, and Oregon. I'd have to look at the numbers to be sure, but I would imagine that would mean she'd still have to win Pennsylvania by 20 points to have a shot.

So what other options are on the table? Marc Ambinder is suggesting a push for a revote in Florida and Michigan might be in the works from the Clinton Camp. This would seem to be a pretty solid strategic move, since the new votes would likely be in April or June and give HRC a chance to build solid momentum, votes, and delegates on the way to the convention. Instead of the insane proposal to seat the delegates regardless of the fact that there was no campaigning (and in Michigan's case Barrack Obama wasn't even on the ballot), this would be the solution many of the Obama partisans had suggested all along and would get a lot of support for moral "count every vote" type camps.

So anyway... on to a brokered convention! WooHoo! *sigh*

UPDATE: More from TPM on the popular vote to date...
DNC-Sanctioned Contests
Obama 12,920,961
Clinton 12,322,695

Including Florida
Obama 13,497,175
Clinton 13,193,681
So pretty damn close.

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