Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

Pretty decent snow storm today... I went into work, but left at lunch time so I could make it to the grocery store on the way home. The above was taken from the front door to my apartment building an hour or two ago. Not terrible, but not nice.

I've been making an attempt at Texas chili (chiie con carne) this afternoon... authentic chili con carne reportedly consists of only beef and chiles... none of those namby pamby beans or vegetables that others endorse!

New Mexico, Anaheim, and Ancho were my dried chiles of choice... and 4 pounds of chuck roast constitute the beef. Four pounds is a lot of beef, quite frankly, and getting all that browned for the stewing part was a bit onerous. Also, whenever I have a recipe that calls for using bacon to render enough fat to brown the other meat and whatnot... I always fall woefully short. I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing wrong, but I was 3 tablespoons short of bacon fat... and that stuff couldn't get any crisper. I'm not sure if I got lean bacon or what.

But I threw in some canola oil and hopefully it'll turn out.

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