Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Past and Future Collide

Saw this on Jonathan Martin's blog on Politico(orginally via the newseum's 'today's front pages' section - which is quite cool).

Michelle's really rocking the Jackie-O thing isn't she? It's quite a striking photo.

I didn't have enough parchment paper to make my corn tortillas (you smash the masa harina/water mixture between two sheets of parchment paper), so I did watch the debate last night while I messed with the music on my phone for ages(a topic for another post). Or I tried to watch anyway, since the MSNBC feed was horrible... a veritable slide show, and it wasn't until the last half an hour that I was informed of a local Cleveland station that was also streaming over the 'net (with no buffering/stuttering) .

So I only have vague impressions: definitely the most aggressive I've ever seen HRC but it didn't work, healthcare mandates are almost as dumb as they are boring to hear them fight about, Obama is cool as a cucumber, Tim Russert is a boor, "I reject and denounce" was pretty clever, Obama's ending was about as nice and gracious a way to tell everyone "It's all over" as can be done.

Last debate; I hope and pray.

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