Monday, February 25, 2008

Nader's Back

Ralph Nader announced a third party run for president on Meet the Press this Sunday.
He said he is running to draw attention to issues ignored by the major candidates in both parties, citing corporate crime, workers' rights, military spending and foreign policy.
Uhm yeah, I can see how Ralph could consider those poorly addressed issues, because it's not like either Barack or Hillary have detailed plans to protect workers' rights and neither Barack or Hillary ever talk about changing our foreign policy objectives. Though seriously, I guess if "corporate crime" is your one issue then maybe Ralph is your guy.

I probably have a bit more angst than most about Ralph's legacy as a third party candidate, as I was one of those people who actually bought the nonsense that "Bush and Gore were no different, so why not vote for Nader as a protest?" Well after 8 years of Bush, I think I can say that that sentiment has been as thoroughly debunked as any statement can be. Now, I lived in Massachusetts then as I do now, so I don't feel super awful for supporting Nader since it really didn't matter here... and truth be told, I didn't end up voting at all (typical twenty something) because I had screwed up my registration.

I don't imagine Nader will have the slightest impact on this race, but it does sadden me that he has seemingly learned nothing from 2000... or only cares about his own ego and not at all about liberal values. He was certainly a fine consumer advocate in his day, but it seems to me that even he should realize how drastically he is sullying whatever is left of his reputation.

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