Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Morning After: Landslide!

So as I sip my morning coffee and check the election results it appears that, not only did Obama win in Wisconsin, but he won big. 17 points big. Ouch. Not to mention his 3-1 showing in Hawaii.

I suppose that means I have to stick by my prediction that Obama has got the nomination in the bag now. Despite the fear that I just jinxed him, it's hard to see how the math could work out in HRC's favor for pledged delegates, baring some sort of farm animal hanky panky in Obama's past. However, as Mathew Yglesias notes McCain is definitely going to have all his guns aimed at Obama for the next two weeks... if just to keep himself in the news with his otherwise all-but-over contest. Clinton and McCain will both be flinging all the mud they can between now and March 4th.

So fear not! There should be plenty for me to get nervous and anxious about. Yay?

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