Monday, February 18, 2008

It Begins

The idea of starting a blog has been knocking around my empty skull for quite some time, and obviously the scales tipped towards "FINALLY!" today. I don't have a clue what I am doing here and am not anticipating that anyone is actually going to read what I have to say... but I don't think I can write as if what I type is only for me, so I will pretend for the moment that the echoes are other people talking.

Over there to the right(where my picture will eventually be) is a macaque from Japan, in case you were wondering. (The picture itself was brought to my attention at Andrew Sullivan's site) A monkey, not a chimp, but a primate that has taught us a lot about the evolution of culture. The evolution of culture, and specifically the perspective of Frans de Waal, is something I hope to comment more on in the future.

As I mention in my "About Me" section, my interests are varied, though I should note that I qualify as an "expert" in none of them. I will, nonetheless, as a Stoic Hero of the Internetz, offer my uninformed opinion about any number of subjects. This is because I like the klickity clack of my keyboard more than anything else. Also, my mom likes to know what I'm up to and this might help.

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